Ben Mehdian, Partner and Founder at Power Trial Lawyers (PTL) has established himself as a key player within the legal industry as the among colleagues and insurance companies. Ben represents people who never thought they would need a personal injury attorney and wins compensation for his clients because nobody should have to pay for the wrongdoing of another.

Ben Mehdian joins Matthew Barhoma in the founding of Power Trial Lawyers, to serve people who have been injured and want a client-centered personal injury lawyer at a client-first personal injury law firm.

“Anyone who has been hurt in a personal injury case can come to us and know that we will be there from the beginning until the end. I want to be more hands-on with my clients. I want to have direct contact with them throughout the case whenever they have questions or need to talk to me. “

He further elaborates that “when representing a business client, or handling a high net worth divorce case, the clients have money. These clients can pay for a good attorney. In personal injury cases, a client often doesn’t have access to those types of funds, so you know you are making an impact on their life. When a client doesn’t have those funds, you know you impact their lives. When someone doesn’t have the funds to pay you, you have to know you can represent them well to get the needed results.“

Ben views his firm, Power Trial Lawyers, as standing apart from other Los Angeles personal injury firms due to the entire team’s alignment with and willingness to do whatever is necessary to get clients the best possible outcome.


Ben received his Juris Doctorate with a concentration in Civil Litigation and Advocacy from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California. Ben’s undergraduate studies were completed at California State University, where he graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

While attending law school, Ben interned for a United States Bankruptcy Court Central District Judge and volunteered at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA), assisting victims of domestic violence in obtaining temporary and permanent restraining orders. Ben worked at various civil litigation and personal injury law firms throughout law school to expand his litigation, trial, and settlement experience.

Ben is a member of the State Bar of California and is an active member of the Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles County Bar Association. He has been handled numerous high-profile, controversial cases, which have resulted in his interviews appearing on news and television.


Because of his passion for the underserved, Ben continues to assist those in need on a pro bono basis ensuring justice is served. He spent two years volunteering as a coach for the American Youth Soccer Organization. After his first year of law school, Ben also accepted an internship with the Housing Authority in Santa Monica. He helped tenants who were unjustly evicted by landlords or battling issues such as infestations and other unsafe living conditions. Ben worked to ensure that the tenants had access to quality representation and helped ensure landlords complied with their legal duties to provide safe housing conditions.

Ben worked for several different firms throughout law school, gaining hands-on experience in different practice areas such as personal injury, business litigation, and family law. This provided a learning opportunity to explore various areas of law.

During his 2nd and 3rd year of law school, Ben worked for Robert Cohen, who exclusively handles plaintiff personal injury. Ben continued to work there until he passed the bar, handling over 200 cases during his time at the firm. After passing the bar exam, Ben decided he wanted to open his own practice to offer clients the personal attention they needed and deserved.

Ben previously founded his own law practice, Mehdian Law, APC, and for years Ben represented various corporations, businesses, and high-net-worth individuals in handling business litigation, class-action defense, probate litigation, and high-asset divorce cases.

Previous Cases

Attorney for Falling Off a Ladder

Case Description: A client approached Ben on a personal injury case that was one year and eleven months into a two-year statute of limitations. The client had fallen from a ladder while doing some painting for a family member. The client had sustained significant injuries and had hired another attorney. Aware of the fast-approaching statute of limitations and unable to get in touch with his attorney, the client came to Ben to ask about options.

Result: As the other attorney felt it was a worker’s compensation case, instead of a personal injury case, the previous law firm released any liens against the case. The homeowner claimed that the incident didn’t take place at the home. Ben was able to retrieve the 911 records showing that EMS had responded to the house on the date of the injury. Using that and other information, he was able to prove that it was a personal injury case. In two weeks, he negotiated a settlement for his client totaling $100,000.

Attorney for Injured Dog Walker

Case Description: The plaintiff was at a dog park walking her dog. She encountered her neighbor, who had his dog there as well. The two of them engaged in a conversation. His dog started to behave erratically. The defendant’s dog was on a retractable leash. During his dog’s episode, he lost control of the leash, and in the chaos, the retractable leash struck the plaintiff in the face. The plaintiff suffered significant cuts and bruises and found that a few of her teeth would need root canals after the impact with the leash.

Result: This was a complex case as the defendant didn’t cause harm on purpose, and the incident occurred in a public space. The defendant’s insurance refused to pay based on where the accident happened. Ben took a unique approach and convinced the insurance company to pay because the intent of using and maintaining control of a retractable leash was formed at home. The insurance company then paid the policy limit of $300,000.

Attorney for Person Injured by City Employee

Case Description:  Ben served as counsel on a highly-publicized case where the plaintiff was beat up by an off-duty city employee. The defendant, an off-duty firefighter, beat up the defendant until she was unconscious. When the plaintiff regained consciousness, the defendant lied and stated she had tripped and hit her head on the curb. The defendant’s mother claimed to have witnessed the incident and corroborated the defendant’s story.

The plaintiff was left dazed and confused and felt something wasn’t right about the story. She went by the building where the incident occurred and realized there were cameras that should have captured the entire encounter. The footage from the cameras was secured and clearly showed that the defendant struck the plaintiff several times.

Result: The plaintiff lost his job because of his actions against the plaintiff. The challenge for Ben was to tie the mother to the case so that her assets could be used to satisfy a judgment. He successfully brought the defendant’s mother’s role into the case and won a seven-figure judgment for his client.

Outside the Office

Ben stars his morning off early and enjoys working out most days. On the days when he doesn’t have time to work out, he runs up forty-one floors of stairs to maintain his fitness and energy levels.

He enjoys playing soccer at least once a week, snowboarding, and reading two books a month. He doesn’t watch much of any television, which leaves him with more time to focus on the things he truly enjoys and winning cases for his clients.


  • Loyola Law School, Los Angeles - J.D.


  • California State University - Fullerton - B.A.

    Political Science

Bar Associations

  • California State Bar - Membership No. 299110

    Member Since: 2014 - current

Client Reviews

I totally recommend Mr. Barhoma, ever since we hired him he has been on top of everything and has been very professional and informative. He always responds to our emails or any request on time. We appreciate him so much...

Maria Harris (Previous Client)

Where to begin about Ben "The Closer" Mehdian. Ben has helped my family through many cases and recently took a big case for me personally. If you are looking for someone that is professional, responsive, knowledgeable...

David Makary (Previous Client)

Matthew Barhoma and his team are the best appeals lawyers we have had. ... Mr. Barhoma answered the phone almost every time we called him. He even answered on a weekend. He breaks down the representation very well and he...

Marisol M. (Previous Client)

I suffered a personal injury that led to a can of worms with physical trauma and medical treatments. With the utmost professionalism and expertise, Ben handled my case with knowledge and care. Any time I needed to speak...

Ahrmeene Tatavoosian (Previous Client)

Ben Mehdian is professional, genuine, and proactive! I got into a car accident the beginning of this year and his assistance helped me not only get another car but also have a down payment! He answered every question...

Kiki Chambers (Previous Client)

We have been very please with Barhoma and his team. I enjoy that he keeps us informed with everything that is going on. He is honest and trys to ensure his clients receive the best possible results. Thus far we will...

Andrea Flowers (Previous Client)

It was a pleasure working with Ben and a relief knowing that he was going to be thorough and fight for me. He was very easy to talk to and explained the process and set the right expectations with me. The case went well...

Leticia Velasco (Previous Client)

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